Copyright management of animated products, such as Mobile Suit Gundam. Production of animated & live action programs. SOTSU

Company Overview

Description of Business

Media Department

"From planning and production of animated programs, through to the promotion of character merchandise"

As well as buying up broadcasting time frames, and planning and producing animated and live action programs, our production business uses project proposals for character merchandising to collect corporate sponsors, and to create plans for programs.

Additionally, by creating content, we are able to retain copyright, thus as its owner, we plan and provide licensees with promotions for character merchandising, as well as planning and proposing sales campaigns using these characters.

Rights Department

"Development of a copyright business, including character merchandise"

We give permission to licensees that include toy, game, food, miscellaneous goods, and apparel manufacturers for product commercialization, and in addition to managing this property, we promote these characters. Similarly, we are also carrying out promotion of secondary usage of animated programs, which includes program and overseas sales rights, automatic public telecommunication rights, and rights of conversion to video, as well as managing these properties.

Moreover, we plan and hold the "C3 x Hobby" event with the aim of promoting and popularizing character merchandise.

Sports Department

"A production and agency business with a sports entertainment motif"

We plan sponsoring and events related to the promotion of professional baseball teams, and as well as conducting an event agency business, carry out an advertising service for stadium signboards and other sports facilities.

Moreover, we promote the commercialization of the baseball team's products, act as a copyright contract agency for professional baseball teams, and sell products in baseball team goods shops both inside and outside the stadium.