Copyright management of animated products, such as Mobile Suit Gundam. Production of animated & live action programs. SOTSU

Company Overview

Message from the President

photo: President Takehiko Aoki

By creating animated products and other content, we retain copyright, and through gaining the cooperation of licensees, are developing a copyright business that includes character merchandising.

We are seeing increasing demands for content as a part of the move towards diversified and multi-channel media, and the administration of usage rights for this content is becoming more complicated. I feel that we will see increasing opportunities to use the know-how that we have accumulated in the more than thirty years in which we have utilized our business model of creating content, and have been expanding our copyright business.

We have a renewed understanding of the importance of our role as a content producer, and partly as a gesture of our resolve to everyone at related companies, changed the name of the company to "SOTSU CO., LTD." in April, 2007.

We uphold our corporate philosophy of creating "Dreams and Deep Emotion." We feel that in a mature society, having both adults and youth hold "Dreams and Deep Emotion" is the most important thing for our children's future. Additionally, as well as unilaterally providing entertainment, our aim as its creators is the creation of works of animation and sports events in which we can also together share "Dreams and Deep Emotion."

President Takehiko Aoki